Create your NFT project! Launch your NFT? Make digital art… and of course sell NFT successfully and get if not millions, then at least hundreds of digital currencies that you can easily convert into money to buy goods for everyday pleasures.

Illusions of NFT and myths of profit from NFT

Illusion! Myths and mirages!

Most of the time you won’t get anywhere and here’s why:

  1. You have no idea and no sparkle in your eyes.
  2. You are driven by blind lust for profit (be honest with yourself).
  3. You do not believe in yourself.
What do you need to keep in mind when you create an NFT?

The problem is obvious: no idea, no faith, and as a consequence, no result.

But the situation is correctable and it is not about my consultations on NFT, although they will largely help you, saving time, giving new ideas, and most importantly, forming a plan of action that you need exactly and individual plan, directly for you: your ideas, ambitions and resources.

What do you need to keep in mind when you create an NFT or NFT project?

NFT Marble Sky, anyone interested can see and buy it here: OpenSea.

Ideas for NFT and selling NFT projects

Of course it is quite difficult to get inspiration and ideas, in the absence of feedback, namely the sales of NFT, but it just shows the limitations of thinking and lack of understanding of how you can use the energy of NFT projects, and it really is huge and even if you just “go with the flow” (and this is a very interesting task to get into the flow), then you will already get results and profit.

But of course, alas no, it’s easier to watch the news about NFT and not only, to envy other people’s NFT projects and ask questions: why they don’t buy NFT from you? Despite the obvious answer, which is that you don’t even understand what you sell, and even more so why other people don’t understand it!

Why do people buy NFTs?

And people just need NFT, people with money, big money, who spend not hundreds, but millions of dollars to buy digital monkeys and other items of NFT art, but alas far from yours, you doubt it? – Read the article: 4 reasons why people buy and collect NFT?

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