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Emotions and Knowledge

Emotions and knowledge: in pictures of schemes of seminars and lectures from the author.

Are you looking for the best NFT projects to invest in NFT? – Take a look at the NFT Emotions and Knowledge collection.

“Emotions and Knowledge” transmitted to people through unique images in the form of explanations of the process. The images were created from 2012 to 2022 and were “destroyed” (erased from the board) after the workshops were completed.

Are you looking for the best NFT projects to invest in NFT? – Take a look at the NFT Emotions and Knowledge collection.
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Introduction about the NFT collection “Emotions and Knowledge”

Since 2012 I have conducted many seminars and workshops, in the process of teaching the trainees, I have created many diagrams with explanations, which I have photographed for the future.

And now the future has arrived:

In this project I have decided to record the emotions and knowledge that have been transmitted to people in 10 years and it is not a book, it is something that always stays behind the scenes and disappears in the centuries of university classrooms, remaining in the depths of the memory of the initiated.

Each image is unique and was “erased” after the workshop ended.

Actually 10 years have passed, during this time many listeners of my seminars went through many life situations, faced joys and successes, failures and sufferings – blockchain and NFT appeared, opening amazing opportunities for everyone.

Don’t try to understand the meaning of the schemes, in most cases it is not possible; just try to realize the emotions and the way of knowledge that thousands of people have received.

How are the profits from the sale of the NFT collection distributed?

The profits from the project will go to:

  • 20% to NFT research work.
  • 20% to support young digital artists.
  • 20% for new NFT projects.
  • 20% to charity.
  • 20% to the New Opportunities Fund.

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  3. And just make me an offer for the amount you are willing to pay.

I would sincerely appreciate your support and appreciation and will respond to all your offers!

How do I buy the best NFT investments?

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Information for investors in the NFT collection

This NFT collection has a great perspective, over 700 unique “wisdom concentration” images filled with the energy, emotion of the people and their views who looked at the schemes while creating them and absorbed the wisdom of the information, turning it into knowledge and putting it into practice in their work.

By buying the works of the collection: you are buying the hidden emotional component of the possibilities of knowledge and information.

Investing in an NFT collection at the outset gives you the opportunity to make super profits from your NFT investment.

Invest now and earn on the growth of a popular NFT collection!

An NFT roadmap for the “Emotions and Knowledge” collection

  • On April 2, the idea came up to create an NFT project: ” Emotions and Knowledge: in pictures of schemes of my workshops and lectures.”
  • On April 12, a project concept was developed.
  • On April 24 the creation of the project description for ananons was completed.
  • On April 24th is completed the creation of the project description and the anonews, the pre-launch NFTs have been placed, which set the ideology of the project and carry out the testing of the project.

Every day, starting from May 1, 2022 we will publish several NFTs, which have been created since 2012 – see the publications.

By May 1, 2022, there will be 31 unique NFTs published.

I may surprise you by publishing an additional 10 unique NFTs on a one-time basis.

My NFT project is evolving and aims to open up new possibilities in the study of NFT economics around the world.

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