Mystery is what determines the way to go where we seek or what we think about in solitude or the silence of the night; and it is mystery that can both reveal mysteries and create new mysteries that we do not want to talk about, but that will have an impact on us.

The Defining Factor of a Mystery Mystery

Of course, it would be a mistake to think that the mystery is only one defining factor; in fact, there are many:

  • some turn out to be primary, some secondary;
  • some act instantly, and some become an insidious “poison” that penetrates our minds, altering our goals and values.
Mystery Mystery: Why are we drawn to mysteries?
Source: SuperRare

The reality of the mysteries around us

What does reality consist of?

  • Of our thoughts?
  • From our experiences?
  • From our environment?
  • From the flow of information in which we find ourselves?
  • Perhaps from our goals or values?

Of course we can say that reality defines the mystery of being on the one hand, but reality also defines the mystery of mystery on the other.

There is much that adults do not tell a young child, partly to protect him from the real world, partly to hide information because of his own ignorance, and partly precisely because he is not supposed to know at the moment.

The power of mystery and riddles

And here we are in a vacuum: a vacuum of mysteries and riddles or, on the contrary, a crazy simplicity and clarity of action or just in the process, in the flow of events and information, which carries us to where we do not want to go?

No, not at all! Once in the stream, we find ourselves under the power of forces and circumstances that we do not understand, and the concept of “we” is already changed, because in fact there is no “us” anymore – there is only the stream, which, substituting reality, directs us along the wrong path, forming a completely different reality of what is happening.

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