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How to Buy NFT and store your new NFT

Create a wallet

To purchase and store your new NFT, you will need a crypto wallet.

We recommend:

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to create a new wallet. Be sure to keep your secret recovery code and password in a safe place, as they cannot be recovered later.

Add funds to your wallet NFT

As an example:

  • Add funds to your wallet NFT marketplace accepts Solana’s  (SOL) cryptocurrency or Ethereum (ETH).
  • You can use any wallet that supports paying with SOL.
  • If you installed the Phantom wallet or other wallet, click the [Deposit] button to purchase SOL using the MoonPay payment method.
  • Since most crypto purchases carry transaction fees, we recommend buying a bit more SOL than you need.

You can also transfer SOL from another exchange, such as Coinbase or  Binance.

Connect your wallet to NFT marketplace

You must connect your crypto wallet with NFT marketplace:

Click the [Connect wallet] button and approve the connection.

Once connected, you’ll see a [Buy now] button.

After you have successfully made a purchase, you will need to click on [Claim Purchase] to transfer your NFT to your wallet.

After purchasing, if you don’t see the [Claim Purchase] button, simply refresh the page.

Need more help? please visit our NFT website.




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