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Digital Art in NFT format # 4

Still Life Photography

Still life photography is a genre of photography where inanimate objects are photographed. It is usually a single object or a group of objects that have a relationship with each other.

Subjects for still life photography need to be chosen wisely in order for the photo to work well. You need to have an idea or story in mind and then execute it creatively and effectively in order to capture a compelling photograph. Natural objects like plants, fruits, vegetables, rocks, shells, etc., and manmade objects like pots, wares, food, books, any kind of everyday objects, etc., can be great subjects for still life photography.

A purple and green look

Your skin is beautiful!! That being said, I think the eye shadow is a little heavy. You could blend it nicely with some softer colors. That way it will enhance your choice of lip color!! You’re young, you don’t have to wear heavy makeup to enhance your beauty! You can rock blended soft colors and get your desired look!! Just a thought!!

Our favorite travel mugs for taking your hot 

The best travel mugs serve multiple purposes and are sturdy enough for daily use. When looking for a mug for your travels, you should prioritize ones with one-hand usability and pay attention to whether you can throw it in the dishwasher. For warm coffees or teas, heat retention is a must. Likewise, if you’re more of a cold drink person, find a mug that’ll keep your beverages ice cold for hours.

Boston Celtics suspend coach Ime Udoka 

News of the suspension came just 10 days before the Celtics will open their preseason in early October. It derails Udoka’s attempt to repeat his stellar first year as Boston’s head coach, when he led the team to the NBA finals for the first time since 2010.

Does your makeup routine change from summer to fall?

I definitely think I’d reach for moodier colors if it was just me doing my makeup, but I wear whatever is being released, so what tends to be “on trend” at the moment.

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