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How to Upgrade Your Dad Bod

We simply want people to succeed, to be healthy and happy, and to pass that on to their kids. We’re all about teaching the skills necessary to hold yourself to a higher standard, because so many men don’t have a role model to do that for them. In our view, transcending the “dad bod” mindset isn’t just about the body. It’s about finding success in the gym, nutrition, business, your marriage and personal relationships—and then setting examples in all those areas for your kids and everyone else watching you.

The New Drop Sets for Size & Strength

Drop sets are an advanced training technique where you extend a set by decreasing the weight. While research suggests they’re equivalent to regular sets for gaining size, drop sets are more efficient because they involve spending much less time in the gym (1). To do a traditional drop-set, you’d take an exercise to failure, descease the weight, and immediately do more reps until you reach failure again.

Naked Fire Shot by Naked Nutrition

Each serving has 100 mg of caffeine, more than most cups of coffee but less than most energy drinks. It has has detox ingredients including ginger and cayenne pepper, and adaptogens including ginseng and ashwagandha, in order to give a mellow energy while supporting liver function to detox the body.

The Truth About Muscle Pump 

This belief is still alive today, but there is an increasingly popular contrarian approach: people saying that how a muscle “feels” doesn’t matter at all. They say it’s all about using objective biomechanical data to determine which exercises work. You look at muscle function, the strength curve, fiber angle, etc. to select the exercises that most closely respect exactly what a muscle does.

 Eight Tiny Habits That Get Big Results

Luckily, you can reduce the post-meal insulin spike substantially just by moving around a bit after meals, which causes your muscle tissue to absorb some of that sugar before the insulin response fully kicks in.  After each meal, either take a ten-minute walk, or spend two minutes doing alternating sets of air squats and pushups.  

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