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On the Shortness of Life

We could use a daily contemplation on how limited our time is in this life. Most of us avoid thinking about it, or get worked up or sad when we think about it. But it’s a powerful contemplation.

A Pairing with Panache

The libation we all love, Mateus Dry Rosé, has partnered with Paintbox to create the Mateus x Paintbox Unisex Power Couple Pack Nail Polish Set, which launched this month.


Well here’s an absolute treat of a little place to stay: The Gunton Arms in Norfolk. It provides what is, arguably, the perfect low-key country escape. If you yearn for remoteness and the chill whip of an autumnal wind as you stomp across fields with your hound in tow then you will love The Gunton. Equally if you like the idea of remoteness and the chill whip of an autumnal wind but don’t actually want to go out in it and would rather stay indoors in front of a roaring fire drinking red wine and eating Cromer Crab and a huge Blythburgh Pork Chop then you will love The Gunton.

Blue mascara

Shout out to the amazing Alexandra Anele cuz she posted this mascara hack video a while ago and basically she makes non-waterproof mascaras work for her by coating the lashes in eyeshadow primer before putting the mascara on. It works!!! I bought this blue mascara from sephora a while back but i was really disappointed that it looked like crap on me and just made my lashes fall completely straight. It’s such a thick formula that it weighs them down and just doesn’t work  BUT I tried putting the Urban decay eye primer on before the mascara and holy moly it actually holds a curl! I’m so happy that I can actually wear this mascara now.

Food Tracking Helped 

Being overweight prevented Ansar from meaningful relationships and being healthy. See how MyFitnessPal helped him with 200-pound weight loss journey.

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