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Life and the Year Rings

This is a picture of the tree stump I cut down outside my house. If you look closely and count the rings on the tree, you can assume that the tree is over 50 years old… Just think: how many people, how many events, how much joy, sadness and sorrow… But this is life, life …

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Reality Scorpio

Ancient wisdom surrounds us, ancient wisdom protects us, ancient wisdom punishes us, dooming to understand the meanings when fear and pain become inevitable. It was known for a long time, it will become known now, discovering new secrets and comprehending hidden meanings. The cunning of a scorpion is in his cunning, and strength is in …

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Man of Thought

A simple look out the window, just like many hundreds of years ago, is able to open a new world and plunge into the depths of meditation, which can both open a new one and plunge into chaos of the present and future. A man of thought in three variations reveals the worlds of reality …