Life and the Year Rings

This is a picture of the tree stump I cut down outside my house. If you look closely and count the rings on the tree, you can assume that the tree is over 50 years old… Just think: how many people, how many events, how much joy, sadness and sorrow… But this is life, life … Read more

Top NFT Trends in 2022

NFTs have taken the world by storm in 2021. From Metaverse to gaming, to art, collectibles, and PFPs, we’re seeing NFTs adopted across the board. Enterprise NFTs have been rapidly on the rise, while consumer NFTs have been steadily proliferating the NFT market. Subscribe for additional information about upcoming launches: Telegram @NFTartCapital Twitter @VisionaryNFT, please visit our NFT … Read more

Reality Scorpio

Ancient wisdom surrounds us, ancient wisdom protects us, ancient wisdom punishes us, dooming to understand the meanings when fear and pain become inevitable. It was known for a long time, it will become known now, discovering new secrets and comprehending hidden meanings. The cunning of a scorpion is in his cunning, and strength is in … Read more

Man of Thought

A simple look out the window, just like many hundreds of years ago, is able to open a new world and plunge into the depths of meditation, which can both open a new one and plunge into chaos of the present and future. A man of thought in three variations reveals the worlds of reality … Read more

Gray Mage: Fear of Doubt

There is a gray magician in each of us. He hears a lot and has big ears. He comprehends the meaning of what was said and changes it, increasing fear. His thoughts cover everything around him. His hands are hidden behind a transparent cloak, changing our reality and values. His eyes are empty, reflecting an … Read more

Fibo Quantum

Blast to your forex/crypto/binary/IM lists and make big money! I am very happy to share some information about the brand new “Fibo Quantum“ indicator with you! Thank you very much for your interest! It’s a Fibonacci based indicator for MT4 (Not EA/Robot) that works on ALL pairs and M15-D1 timeframes. “Fibo Quantum“ comes with a … Read more