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My name is Konstantin Savkin and I am a thinker, visionary, digital artist and photographer.

I am interested in NFT and many of my works are posted on the NFT marketplaces OpenSea, Rarible and Mintable.

My name is Konstantin Savkin and I am a thinker, visionary, digital artist and photographer.

Creator of the ActionPlansHub project.

I am interested in NFT and many of my works are posted on the NFT marketplaces OpenSea, Rarible and Mintable.

On this site you will find various articles and NFT galleries.

With over 20 years of experience in business, a Master of Business Administration degree, I am able to think and reflect, reflecting the result in my work.

As a visionary, in my NFT work I help people see the non-obvious in the obvious.

Creating a balance of perception between the outside world filled with risks, opportunities, temptation, addictions and your perception through my NFT art.

I do not pretend to be the ideal perception of a digital artist, but my NFT is aimed at creating the future, through understanding the past and acting in the present, despite the intrusive reality of life.

NFT creativity makes it possible through digital art to become aware of what is happening around and form a metauniverse of one’s reality, gaining power over the situation with available resources, opening up the opportunity to become a winner, realizing the consequences.

You can find answers to many questions that interest you by reading my NFT art.

My NFT work reflects

  • The fears and doubts associated with what is happening around us.
  • Analysis of prerequisites according to the “What if?” model, situational and factor analysis.
  • Understanding the economics of uncertainty: economics of risk and economics of opportunity, theories of constraints, antifragility and the black swan.
  • Controlling the rate of change: take off quickly / lose quickly / get out of influence / stay out of influence.
  • The search for meaning and interest clubs, secret societies assessing risks and opportunities.
  • Awareness of life: reflection in current activities.
  • The art of the game as a way of life and building relationships in various fields.
  • Look for the woman (Cherchez la femme) woman as the source of success and failure.

My project ActionPlansHub about NFT and action

  • We often think but do not act.
  • We act, but we do not plan.
  • We plan, but we forget about the main thing.

The actionplanshub project is my perception of the present, my reality of what is happening around, expressed in the work of the NFT.

Reflections on NFT creativity

The key competence of a visionary is the ability to think and analyze, which makes it possible to develop new combinations of possibilities, understand and see a completely different essence of the current moment, form a strategy and tactics of actions, reflecting this in their NFT works.

The development and application of this competence requires not only experience, but also time.

Time free from the influence of other people; the time when you can switch and be distracted; a time that promotes the emergence of various ideas and thoughts.

Personally, I get this time by walking my dog ​​early in the morning or late at night in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle…

In the photo, I am with my dog Cassidy Evita, Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, April 2021

There can be a great variety of ideas when creating an NFT, but I make a reference to the following criteria:

  • The idea expressed in NFT creativity should please you, it should be loved and inspired.
  • NFT creativity goes through several stages: from birth to death; and here it is important to understand that an idea can become a star of captivating happiness or a polar star that points the way at all times, or maybe just an asterisk that flickers in the night sky and goes out.
  • The idea that passes into the NFT project creates its own implementation system, by analogy with the solar system in astronomy, which in turn forms the perception of this system in the surrounding world.
  • The idea is associated with information and ideology, which in the formed system makes it possible to determine specific goals and objectives that will need to be implemented and reflected in the NFT.
  • The idea has power over us, but we also have power over the idea, which must be able to keep and preserve, especially in troubled times, and at the right time to use and unleash its full potential.

And in this, the NFT opens up new opportunities for us.

English is not my native language, but the language of NFT art is universal and you can check out my NFT art on NFT marketplaces such as  OpenSeaRarible and Mintable.

I will be sincerely grateful to you in buying my NFT works and sharing my values.

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