I know quite a few NFT artists creating wonderful NFT projects, one of them is my friend Vasily Popov, interview with whom you may have read earlier and he is not only an NFT artist but also a cosmonaut; almost a cosmonaut since his NFT works flew into space and in fact this is the first NFT painting that ended up in orbit.

Read more in our interview with Vasiliy and think about your NFT projects, which open not only possibilities for creativity, but also opportunities to discover new things and even realize the dream of flying into space.

How was the idea to create an NFT and send it into space born?

The idea itself was born from creating a collection of Entities, as it is a collection of entities, necessarily born entities of astronauts, astronauts – those who will travel between planets.

And I immediately had the idea of launching a nft featuring an astronaut into space. And I wanted to be the first to do it, because in the nft community there is always talk about launching a nft into space.

And on March 18 it happened – the world’s first nft cosmonaut went into space.

He is now in orbit.

The flight will last 195 days.

How was the idea to create an NFT and send it into space born?

What were your thoughts and emotions when creating the NFT work?

When I drew this NFT, this astronaut, I immediately imagined that he would fly into space, that he would be a digital discoverer.

That’s how it turned out.

My whole way was directed to it, and with this act I want to draw people’s attention to the space, to its study, to its comprehension, because the development of mankind is there in the sky.

Now, as he looks at the earth from his digital eyes, my heart reaches there as well, to experience in a different way the fullness of this world, its creative foundations, its love for man, its boundlessness and immensity – so will the human soul, through space, enriched with love, open back to the Earth.

What were your thoughts and emotions when creating the NFT work?

How did the cosmonaut react to the idea of sending the painting into space, what was the interest?

The commander of the ship – Oleg Artemyev willingly agreed to take my painting with him when I told him the idea of why I was doing it.

In addition, this picture on the ground has already begun to be reborn into a book, which will be filled with creative works by writers, poets (poems, stories, essays on space) and will be illustrated with photos from space, which Oleg Germanovich makes on the International Space Station.

This is a great creative project, which accumulates the best creative works, dreams and lines of thought in the field of space exploration.

As an NFT artist, what emotions are you experiencing right now: is your NFT painting the first in space?

Right now I’m experiencing excitement and great responsibility before creating both the book and collecting ideas for the future in space.

It’s a very interesting and inspiring subject, a job that always keeps you energized and keeps you moving forward, creating and making new accomplishments in your creativity.

After all, inspired creativity serves as fuel for humanity to explore distant, seemingly unfathomable frontiers.

As an NFT artist, what emotions are you experiencing right now: is your NFT painting the first in space?

What inspires the creation of space NFTs?

The inspiration is the love for life, for human beings, for the world. When I look at the earth in photos from space – I do not see people there, but a beautiful and beautiful earth. I don’t see wars there, I see mountains and oceans, rivers and clouds…

But I feel a man, his love, his happiness, which he desires and which is always with him, you only need to open yourself to this happiness.

  • Through space, it is possible.
  • Through interplanetary flight – time opens up.
  • Through thought in space – space opens up.

And when you look at life through the constants of space, you will see the value of your life and of man as a whole in a different way.

This is what I propose to do through creativity in space, it’s time to start creating in space!

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What inspires the creation of space NFTs?

Another idea, of course, is to go into space myself and write a poem as a poet in zero gravity.

Right now I have a small piece of my inspiration in orbit in the form of a painting, but who knows what the future holds…

What are you ready to wish for NFT creators who are just beginning to learn the art of NFT?

Let’s direct our inspired forces together into space, let’s lift our heads up into the sky. There our future, there our development and the potential of all peoples. Let’s look at the earth from space, I’m sure it will turn our minds upside down.

NFT technology contributes to this.

We will not be able to take our paintings, books, museums, galleries… but digitally we can.

I suggest we focus on creating the world’s first nft gallery of humanity’s works on Mars for future generations and extraterrestrial civilizations. I wish you to think globally and start acting from your phone from anywhere in the world right now.

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